Learnings in my personal journey

I would like to share with you some of my learnings in my personal journey so far and would be happy if you take a moment to “listen” 😉

When we started together diving down on the one leg of the U it felt to me so familiar: Practicing mindfulness and connecting with my deeper intention matched with what I already knew and what I was looking for.

Deeper down on the U for me ‘the advanced level’ started with practicing collective sensing and creating a field of the emerging future.  I felt the power of the social field. It was like “boom” for me to experience how much stronger such a field could be, compared with the power that I already felt on my side alone.

Currently, the second part of my journey begins: Going up on the other side of the U. It appears that this part will be the challenging one for me. In our most recent live session with Otto he guided us through a kind of visioning path into the future, an uncharted territory. I’m not  afraid to tell you the truth: I could only follow in part. It seemed to be fast, because a second ago I still was in the process of connecting, listening and letting go…   

However, the idea of “having an intimate relationship with the emerging future” totally fascinates me. How crazy is this idea? So, I re-watched some of the videos to get deeper into it. And, I realized the seed is already there.

I finally found this “action confidence” and it felt great, despite this feeling is not permanently with me. However, it makes it possible for me to lay down my path in Walking, day by day. So, I learnt the pace of our journey is different; different from other persons and different for each part of the journey.

One more thought before I end: During my last coaching circle the case giver shared a very personal experience of her feelings of fear, judgment and ignorance that many of us know well. It was a very connective moment for the entire group, when we mirrored our images and thoughts with the case giver and when we further discussed how to come over such moments. It may comes across challenging to identify the voices as what they are: Enemies, that want to prevent us from accessing our deeper sources, like Otto says. Particular challenging whenever we are sucked in such moments.

But don’t give up by them. Let them come, but more important… let them go 😉

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